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Article introduction

Gem gal is contemplative the action of the exercise is very much, think to pass gem gal contemplative exercise is opposite life actually e.g. the Indian thorough severe test, the life that can let us obtains renascence, the inner world that can let us more gentle and quiet. Gem gal is contemplative most essential effect isLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The body and mind that lets us achieves a kind of halcyon status, through this kind halcyonA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Condition, will undertake ego is examined, the inner world that lets oneself thereby is transcendental and free from vulgarity.

Gem gal is contemplative what does action have

Do not think muscle and skeletal meeting are only tired, of explicit body tired can pass your both hands massage and achieve slow, actually the viscera of human body also can produce the move with idle tired affection. And the pose that lends You Yuga all sorts of posture laws, the organ of massage body interior, can promote haemal circulation not only, the muscle with inflexible extend, outside making joint agile, still can make body of the gland inside body secretes a balance, aggrandizement nerve, chronic of course illness also1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Meeting and you are isolated from.

Stand or the person with incorrect sitting position, or it is long-term the person that is in condition of mental take up because of the job or life pressure, compare naturally, kind the person feels more easily fatigue or have listless feeling and can make breath abnormal. The breathing law of gem gal is passed breathe conciously, be able to remove fire of the waste gas inside body, empty, eliminate insecurity and exhaustion. Abdominal law practice can promote gem gal splanchnic function, promote and harmonic loop, digest reach internal system function, composed neurological.

The complete breath of gem gal, can control the body, make the body lies good health, what promote spirit then is active; Gem gal also can make personShanghai night net

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the condition that the mood often is in a kind of joyance, opposite life up inside body of input of ground of vigor from beginning to end, make person constantForum of Shanghai night net

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Nurture youth.

Of course the specific action with gem contemplative gal besides the introduction above, still have the effect with a few common not very. E.g. the basis a few practice gem gal for long the person introduction of contemplative result, adopt the practice with this kind of gem contemplative gal, can let oneself one kind passes through spatio-temporal, roam universe, freedom flies, incorporeal dissociate at the feeling besides the body, of course after the effect of this kind of so called contemplative exercise needs to reach very tall state just butLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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In order to come true.