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Article introduction

Gem gal is now get quite in the society everybody gay moves one kind, present gem gal house also is increasing. Oneself see very much nevertheless friend gem gal video undertakes self-study on the net, some difference that the friend that practices with those major so can know, what can decrease to be mixed partly to gem gal to healthy having what help do not understand. So, can Lian Yuga decrease abdomen?

Can Lian Yuga decrease abdomen

Gem gal movement one: Cobra type

1, Fu lies, both hands falls in humeral ministry square, double leg and approach.

2, inspiratory, both hands arm slowly unbend, and up extend is whole the side before the body, the eye looks up, the stance that maintains pubic touchdown and backward extend foot ministry. Maintain this pose to breathe 6 ~ 8 times normally. (End vertebra upper part can be heard when making this motion every time the sound that that vertebra is opened by drawing, the sense that extends all over is really good! )

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3, expiratory, curve an arm slowly, let cervical and the waist, bosom, ordinal return the ground, restore prostrate pose. Can repeat this pose 3 ~ 5.

Gem gal movement 2: Boat type

1, sit straight waist back, back slightly backward. Double foot draws close, baseboard of bend one’s knees sticks the ground, both handsForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Buy falls in two legs knee.

2, inspiratory. Mention crus, till as parallel as the ground, tiptoe day day, the upper part of the body again retreat, become 45 degrees of part with the ground, the balance that abdomen tightens up whole body enters mainly rank exercise: Expiratory, locking calcaneal, double foot is maintained with 45 degrees of horn exhibit pedal straight, trunk and double foot form body of a “v” . Both hands carries a forward unbend and ground parallel. Condense truncal force, erect waist back and chest. Double foot and approach clamp. Hold natural breath. Maintain this pose about 10 seconds or longer.

Gem gal movement 3, rachis reverses pattern

1, sit on the ground, two legs are forward unbend, and lumbar back is erect.

2, curve left leg, will left foot is put in the side outside right leg, the side after right leg towards the left bends.

3, put left hand at body backside ground, elbow chains on the right side of left leg knee.

4, expiratory, allFall in love with the sea

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Towards the left of quantity general body is rear turn, thereby twist rachis.

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Gem gal movement 4, flat type

1, bend over to go up in gem gal cushion, both hands puts bosom two side, tiptoe touchdown, open a body forcibly.

2, distribute force equably go up in whole palm, tighten up bosom, back, abdomen, coxal muscle, make the body becomes linear.

3, the top of head forward, sensory gem gal is cervical by vertebral and forward infinite edge is extended. Eye nature is down orthoptic. Loosen laryngeal and double eye.

4, flat type is traditional sun liturgic one medium1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Individual. Also perhaps can stay as alone exercise pose 3Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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0 seconds arrive 60 seconds.

Above can decrease abdomen to Lian Yuga namely the introduction, it is OK to hope everybody can understand gem gal is thin abdomen is gotten. Must master right kind nevertheless, such ability are helpful to thin abdomen. Still have even if do not want in the process of the exercise too anxious, hold on to ability for a long time to having very strong gain.