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Some people hear of setting-up exercise having oxygen the difficulty that way of this kind of movement can feel special, feel oneself insist to come down thoroughly without method for certainForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, especially the female friends with younger body can become special not self-confident, when beginning, can try to do most so a few have the simple action inside oxygen setting-up exercise, no matter these simple movements are the people of what body condition be to be able to be done, because do not have any athletic difficulty but of character.

Setting-up exercise having oxygen is simple movement

The 1st pace: Footfall- – oneself call catchword, high-spirited and vigorous

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Have rhythm ground mark time, 16 pat it is a group, when calling number stentorian, will reflect rhythm with the bodyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, do not scruple use up physical strength to be able to affect next act, also won’t cause a heartbeat to pass fast, continue footfall. This is an effective thin leg has oxygen campaign.

The 2nd pace: Carry genu- – place buttock substantially, turn round the body, thin leg while tighten waistline

Raise ham high, sum the action of begin arm yaw, turn round the body as far as possible, after the pelvis is turned round, adequately extend opens the flank of both sides come, abruptly is constrictive go back, can get the very good result that tightens up waistline.

The 3rd pace: Kick a leg- – kick a legFall in love with the sea

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Stepping a pace, when a leg is raised, kick ahead abruptly. At this moment the place of take up is ham and abdomen, these two position should note conciously when kicking.

Leg ministry is raised kick going out is ” one ” , after the leg is put, recover from an illness for ” 2 ” . Another leg makes identical motion. Undertake alternately, do 8 times in all.

The 4th pace: Weigh carries genu- – fall with muscle press the knee that mention, make leg ministry is mixed times more alvine suffer stimulation

Double arm is forward, light across of double handle gently, raise a leg next, put the palm in onForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
On the knee that carry, press below the palm, thrust augmentation, press on the knee that carry, increase power graduallyForum of Shanghai night net

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When knee and palm are contacted, be ” one ” , when knee is put down, be ” 2 ” . Change another leg to make identical motion.

Having the place mark time inside oxygen setting-up exercise especially is a very simple movement, this great majority is the warm-up before we should undertake high strenth moves, so we are in place footfall when the confidence that still can strengthen oneself, and be in finish also won’t feel oneself heartbeat is too fast after this movement, feel from personal whole body muscle is loosened instead.