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Exercise jujitsu can help people change body pliability, pull extensor flesh, can let human body make of all kinds tall difficulty even movement, wait a moment e.g. one word horse. Everybody knows, the exercise of jujitsu is the drawing of high strenth more, the very much person that practice is to begin as a child, add soft toughness of body of itself a priori to had been compared, body harm is not so great, but the person with congenital to the part bad condition, exercise jujitsu may produce beyond recall harm to the body.

The disadvantage of experienced jujitsu

Jujitsu is Chinese history genteel a kind of artistic form that hand down, belong to a traditional project in acrobatics. The difficulty that practices jujitsu is very great, and orShanghai Long Feng forum

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To a kind of test of body limit. As social development, the project that jujitsu regards a kind of tradition as gradually popularity rises.

The disadvantage of experienced jujitsu

Brazilian jujitsu

Brazilian jujitsu has many fistfight technology, include to hit, cast, articulatory ability and bowstring ability. The jujitsu meaning on the most original meaning is ” soft law ” , it applies to system of all Japan wushu, “Soft ” use flexibility namely. The characteristic of jujitsu depends on making full use of lever, and rather than and adversary fight force, than force. The person that jujitsu practices can choose to use a technology, let adversary succumb or extinct its physical strength, subdue its finally. However, less important fistfight art is treated in olden jujitsu. Because most cavalier uses Dao Jian above all, regard sword art as the most important wushu. Accordingly, japanese jujitsu forms a variety of tussle systems, reflect the skill with one the most original part severallyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Reach strategy.

The technology of Brazilian jujitsu and strategy are based on the development of pair of ground tussleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Research. Look at the person that jujitsu practices, with the action that differs severally type pulls adversary to the ground, go up in the ground next, obtain pilot pose. Use articulatory skill after that, wring ability or stroke technology to wait for a variety of attack methods, adversary uniform. In processes of such twist of a ruleless, human body formed dot and surface, of force and beauty balanced, and stream drip the sequence of thought in is be modest about one’s skill however is soft. 1993 first time is final on fistfight contest (UFC) , huoyisi? Gracie wins championship, brazilian jujitsu begins to cause the attention of common people. Culminating fistfight contest, make differ the wushu home of school, have the competition of absoluteness regulation. Although Huoyisi? Weight of case Lei Xi is the lightest, he still won the championship of culminating fistfight contest 3 times again then, and be on history of culminating fistfight contest only is in win the player of 4 matches continuously in the evening.

From this kind of distinctive wrestle technology, be called ” Gracie jujitsu ” or ” Brazilian jujitsu ” since a day that, its had the real property of aid of firm soft posture in fact, in the person that will practice, great majority is person tall Martha is European. But the player with sprat, light, weak weight, having more advantages to this however. TheySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Say this can protect oneself not to suffer stature weight is big, great, the enroach on of the fellow of body strong muscularity, majority is good at the lover of integrated fistfight ability, also will hold experienced jujitsu concurrently, enough proves jujitsu of this kind of Brazil with its the details of aid of firm soft posture forms his to be in competition ground the practical, effectiveness of inside and outside.

The disadvantage of experienced jujitsu

The disadvantage of experienced jujitsu

The training of jujitsu wants to begin as a child, to achieve the requirement of force and body, the training of fitness, endurance and balance also is indispensable, because have assiduous training only,ability can have the body requirement of jujitsu. The drawing of high strenth can undertake when jujitsu of a lot of moment practices, for very good to itself flexibility person, the likelihood is not very big to the harm of the body, but if body flexibility is bad to perhaps train a method not proper, can bring very great harm to the body.

Of course, practice jujitsu be being endangered only not just, more it is to be able to give people to bring a lot of profit, specific as follows:

1, undertake jujitsu trains appropriately, can dredge bones and muscles, invite the body each ministry potential energy spread out very well, promoted hematic current to connect, periosteum hormone is added fast, so build chairman must be compared fast.

2, a lot of children are in in one’s childhood may undesigned nurturance1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A few undesirable books write a habit, and after time of this kind of habit grew, very possible meeting forms the undesirable body such as bow-backed, inclined shoulder, if practice a few basic jujitsu,perhaps correct these bad habits with respect to the precaution of meeting at an early date.

3, study jujitsu practices basically can fostering individual interest interest, open eye shot, and still can improve individual quality, the ideal that oneself realize after be lays the foundation with solid the next.

Say so, correct exercise jujitsu is veryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Have profit, can exercise already, can practice body again, it is the good thing of kill two birds with one stone really.