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Although the sort that eat is varied, but the body situation of everybody is different, so diet must join body case, especially food is particularly important after the female is pregnant, can after opium fish is pregnant, you continue to eat so?

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The fish is one of alias of left-eyed flounder fish. For bony fish key link, left-eyed flounder division, a kind be flatfish. Body side is flat, asymmetry, two be in left, before the mouth, mandible has outstanding, before dissociate of operculum bone brim. Skin of a side of opium fish eyed shows dark gray or have spot piece grain, a side skin that does not have an eye is white, distributing extensively at tropics or temperate zoneShanghai noble baby

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In ocean, our country coastal each district also has production more.

Be pregnant can have opium fish

Opium fish although the flesh is qualitative fat of delicate, delicious fertilizer, have the effect that filling empty beneficial enrages, should not be much howeverShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Feed, have take offense effect, conceive Fu unfavorable edible.

Conceive the as a result of the body characteristic between pregnancy, food and drink also has certain contraindication, understand opium fish pregnantA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Period the introduction that can have, such food in pregnancy can more attention, additionally pregnancy must eat the food of cool sex less.

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