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What folk is circulating photograph of a lot of food is overcome is fabulous, for instance, the persimmon of the knot on the tree can not eat together with wine, eat together can cause gastric stone. Condiments cannot be waited a moment with putting green ginger when boiling dog meat, it is good to can put a bit salt less only. Eating knowledge is worn greatly, existing to be overcome between all sorts of food, if be among diet, do not add less note1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Meaning, eat the food that digests to these photographs, can cause very great harm to the body.

What food photograph is overcome

It is quite easy to eat, had eaten to be able to not allow easy. A lot of disease are to eat come out, need everybody to notice in diet, can enjoy the United States alreadyShanghai night net

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Flavour, not OK go to the bad, resemble eating seafood to drink beer to be able to get gout. This needs everybody to understand gram of what food photograph.

Beer avoid liquor: Many carbon dioxide is contained in beer, volatilize easily, if be the same as drink with liquor, can drive alcohol to permeate. Some friends often drank beer to drink alcohol again first, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Long FengLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Or it is to drink liquor to drink beer again first, such doing solid belong to undeserved. Want to reduce alcohol inside body halt stay, had better be much drink a few water, in order to aid micturition.

Alcohol avoid coffee: Some alcohol are contained in wine, have excitement to makeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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With, and coffee place contains coffeine, have more powerful excited effect likewise. Both with drink, the stimulation that arises to the person is very big. If be to be in mood insecurity or it is mood be agitated when so drinkable, if can aggravating insecurity and; of be agitated mood have nerve sex headachy person is so drinkable, if suffer from,can cause ailment; instantly regular the person of insomnious disease, can make an illness exasperate if; is the heart has a problem, or it is to have clonic the heartbeat passes fast person, be the same as coffee and wine drink, its consequence is more bad, cause heart disease probably. Once both at the same time drinkable, should drinkable and many clear water or be a few dextrose and salt are joined to drink in water below, can alleviate unwellLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The everybody that there still are a lot of food photographs to overcome in daily life does not know, everybody eats an a lot of errors, the method that malty wine big the daily life of a family uses family is bubble a cup of tea sees alcoholic drink to family, little imagine tea and wine are existing to be overcome, both is united in wedlock not only the effect that does not have to see alcoholic drink, can accentuate instead stoned is painful. It is so on gram of what food photograph should add more take care, learn to look more more make oneself and family healthy.